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Python with glue


BPython : cmdline python interpreter improved (w/ auto-completion, colored syntax,…)

2**3 # is 2 power 3
type(s) # returns the type of object s

mutable types and non-mutable types

Basic types are non-mutable: Int, Float, Long, String, Tuple
Mutable types: List (Array is a type of list)

0b00000001 # represents a binary number


You can put any type of object in a dictionary (not so much as a key, but as a value). A function can be put as a value in a dictionary.


A python library for pretty printing.


# Creating a class
class Hello:
    def method(self):
        return 'hello'
#  Or the now official way (compatible with python3)
class Hello(object):
h  = Hello() # Creates an instance of the class Hello
h.value1 = 23 # adds an attributes to the instance h
Hello.value2 = 45 # adds an attribute to the class and all its instances. 

You can add attributes and methods on the fly.


A python module for monitoring filesystem changes https://github.com/seb-m/pyinotify


Interactive packet manipulation program

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