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Side notes, howtos and random bits of information related to Julien Deswaef's projects

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This is the open notebook of Julien Deswaef.

The whole purpose of this wiki is to keep track of notes, howtos and other useful information regarding Julien's projects and activities. It is open and public because « you should document more than just your final design ».

These quotes have inspired me and are a reflection of my practice:

"Any bar chart or scatter plot made with Excel will look like a bar chart or scatter plot made with Excel. Package solutions can provide only packaged answers[...]" − Ben Fry - Visualizing Data - O'Reilly - p31
"If I can see further than anyone else, it is only because I am standing on the shoulders of giants." − Isaac Newton
"If you are not a programmer, you're one of the programmed." − Douglas Rushkoff

Active pages


A complete list of projects is available under this section.



All things related to workshops I've given or attended.

Ubuntu / Arch / GNU/Linux

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