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Random notes for Design With Git

Tools I will not review II

Desktop tools

Online service


  • Desktop github
  • git sync…

Git tips

Visual libs to try out


  • Have a Font vizualing tool. Play around with fonts?
  • Why Dropbox and other sync software suck… Versioning is “linear” and there is no way to .ignore files inside a folder.

CSS tricks

Open design

From this video: http://opendesign.foundation/articles/designers-can-open-source-session-video/

How can designers be more open source:

  1. Share you process. (failed attempts, inspiration,…)
  2. Share your source files
  3. Use code as a design tool
  4. Collaborate
  5. Donate (donate unused work)
  6. Contribute

Make “credit” the core reward for contributing.


  • Tooling (invent the tools)
  • File formats (open file formats like svg, html/css as design tools)

“An interface to Git for graphic designers”

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