Posterous is a great platform for publishing (and autoposting). The main inconvenient is that it's not free software and there is no way to host it yourself (though you can use a custom domain). So the goal here is to see how Wordpress could be tweaked to work as (much as) Posterous.

Posterous features

A short list of Posteorus features that I find useful and would need in Posterpress.

  • Post by mail
  • Bookmarklet for post by web
  • Tags
  • Autopost to
    • Twitter (with short url and hashtags for tags)
    • Identica (with short url and hashtags for tags)
    • Facebook
  • Markdown
  • Google Analytics

Wordpress features and plugins

So Wordpress support tags already and has a bookmarklet for a quick posting from any webpage:

So for the other features, here's a list of wordpress plugins that might help or do the job.


Google analytics

Post by mail




And once you've configured it all, all you need to do is import what you had in your posterous and save it in your wordpress.


Just some stuff not directly related to a posterous conversion.