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The beauty of Python scripting in Blender

An introductory workshop to Python programming in Blender organized by Volumetric Society.


The purpose of this workshop is to get started using Python scripting in Blender.

Blender is a famous open source 3D content creation application that tightly integrates Python as it's scripting language. This brings added power to the user by allowing him/her to manipulate the interface, automate actions, build his/her own plugins and use the full range of Python libraries available, thus opening lots of creative possibilities.

This workshop will cover the basic tools available in Blender to get coding. An introduction to Python will be given to understand the basic grammar of that language. We will get an overview of the Blender data model and start manipulating objects with simple commands. We will start by building simple scripts to create models and finish by automatically pulling data from the web to transform it into 3D elements.

This should give you a taste of the creative possibilities offered by Python scripting in Blender and the advantages of learning a widely adopted language as Python.

By the end of this workshop you should be able to :

An experience with a 3D content creation software is required and basic notions of a programming language (Javascript or else). Participants should bring their laptop with either Mac, Windows or Linux and the latest version of Blender installed. Bring also a mouse with 3 buttons (3rd one can be scroll) for easier Blender manipulation.

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