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Time track of the Love Machine project.



+ Submission of a paper to Technarte 2015 open call.


+ Andrew Nakas came with the idea to use the mobile version of FB to solve the “liking” problem that appeared a month before.
+ First pull request. A windows .bat script to ease the installation


+ Facebook behaves strangely. Likes seems to be valid. But then removed after one minute or so. Friends are still notified of Likes. But likes don't appear under their post or in the Facebook “logs”. This behavior has been reported by many users of the script.


+ 04 : Officiel launch of http://lovemanchine.cc + blogged #FB 10y - #lvMchn 0d


+ Blogged: Ceci n'est pas Juego Requiem (fr)
+ Blogged: Your (best) friend was replaced by a bot
+ Rewrite complete and restarted running it regularly on my FB profile.



+ Beginning refactoring the code and changing the framework. New script are based on phantomjs and casperjs. No more browser window in the way (headless) and it looks like a lot more easier to code. (So far, 39 lines to login and write a status.)



+ Quick presentation of the projet before the participants of Interactivos?'13, at Medialab Prado, Madrid. Many positive feedbacks.



+ (y) in a FB comment will be replaced by the icon of a like
+ Facebook announced it has active accounts per month


+ A spokesman for the social network said: “We don't see evidence of a 'wave of likes' coming from fake users or 'obsessive clickers'.” source
+ http://lovemachine.cc is the reserved domain name for this project


+ The Want button appears in fbSDK.
+ FWB refused to give financial support.


+ “When liking turns to loving” by Ronnie Dove (thx @autodespair)
+ Received a mail by Actiris (Unemployement Bureau in Belgium) inviting me to like their page
+ Attending Facesponge workshop and presenting [loveMachine]
+ lovemachine.cc (26€/y) or lovemachine.io (39€/y) still available at Gandi
+ Financial support asked at FWB.


+ $('button[name=“like”]').trigger('click');
+ Thinking about a code rewrite, because of random bugs and ease of use.


12/2011 :

+ Joined the fbresistance
+ Unlike Us
+ Just discovered that you can POST likes using the FB Graph API which raises a question… Should I use it? Should I use FB API for this or stay away from it?
+ Software submitted to Runme.org

11/2011 :

+ Pushed the code to Github https://github.com/juego/loveMachine
+ 99% ready for intl
+ @[288578057830204:0] makes a direct link to the page.
+ The bot liked this one:  A.V. n'arrivera pas aubout de cette journée
+ Blog post
+ Creation of the Facebook Page [loveMachine] as an attempt to respond to the increase of questions regarding the numerous “likes” and strange status posts
+ Creation of the logo
+ Debugging

10/2011 :

+ Code rewrite with Selenium 2 (Webdriver) and python

01/2011 :

+ First version of the script working with Selenium 1 IDE
+ Blog post

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