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Medialab Prado Forum

See the online call for participants aaround this project at Medialab Prado Foro

This undelying text was just the draft for the call.

a) a descriptive sentence of your project and goals (max 25 words)

Integrate distributed version control systems into a graphical designer's workflow and create tools that give a visual feedback of the design changes and collaborations on a specific project.

b) a brief abstract (max 100 words)

During the workshop, a specific GUI will be created and added as an extension of the Inkscape software. It will able the user to perform basic Git commands, navigate and manipulate a version tree, and display visual differences between two commits. Inkscape has been chosen because it is a popular software among font, web and/or graphic designers in general. It is also easily extensible and uses SVG as its default file format. But of course, the principles could be applied to any design software supporting text encoded files.

c) personal profile and background

I (Julien Deswaef) am a designer working in the fields of the web, live video and free culture. I graduated from computer graphic design in ESA, Saint-Luc Brussels in 2000 and then worked for video post-production companies. I have been veejaying for more than 10 years with Requiem4tv and The Metahub. Using free software as an ethical and practical choice, my works usually involve coding and range from web design to product design, video installations and illustrations. I have also some teaching experience in drawing and computer graphics at art schools in Brussels.

d) profiles of potential collaborators

For this project, I'm looking for C/C++ programmers, Python programmers, Git gurus, Inkscape evangelists and icon/ux designers. Any person with an experience in Inkscape (extension) development would be a ideal.

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