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Blender export to Gif

For the http://blender-brussels.github.io/articles/addons-with-benoit-bolsee/, I'm planning to work on a GIF exporter for Blender.


Possible ways of doing:

  • using imagemagick (needs to be installed)
  • using FFmpeg (is part of Blender already)
  • using some Python libraries



Actually, Spritify is a great working addon. No need to improve it. The addon is intended to generate sprite sheets. But it also can generate an animated gif. And there is a possibility to deactivate the sprite sheet generation. It requires ImageMagick to be installed. The only thing that could be done to improve the addon is maybe verify that ImageMagick is already installed before activating the addon.

In the quest of having an addon independent from any other installation, We've looked into the FFMpeg gif exporter, which is not producing any quality gif.

We could not also find any good Python 3.4 library that could do the trick either.

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