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Extra notes

A set of usefull tips and tools used for Love Machine


Cli tips

Running Firefox without an Xserver


apt-get install xvfb iceweasel
# Crée un display X virtuel
Xvfb :99 -ac
export DISPLAY=:99

Creating a Windows executable (.exe) from a python script


FB Error Message

<div id="dialog_1" class="generic_dialog pop_dialog generic_dialog_modal">
<div class="generic_dialog_popup" style="top: 54px;">
<div class="pop_container_advanced">
<div id="pop_content" class="pop_content" tabindex="0" role="alertdialog">
<h2 id="title_dialog_1" class="dialog_title">
<span>You’re Temporarily Blocked</span>
<div class="dialog_content">
<div class="dialog_summary hidden_elem"></div>
<div class="dialog_body">
It looks like you were going too fast and misusing this feature, so you’ve been blocked from it for up to two days.
Learn more about blocks in the
<a href="/help?page=421">Help Center</a>
<div class="dialog_buttons clearfix">
<div class="dialog_buttons_msg"></div>
<label class="uiButton uiButtonLarge uiButtonConfirm">
<input type="button" name="ok" value="Okay">
<div class="dialog_footer hidden_elem"></div>
<div class="dialog_loading">Loading...</div>
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