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 +====== Ubuntu on Macbook Pro (2017) ======
 +Installing Ubuntu 22.04 LTS was rather easy. Longest time was downloading the ISO image and burning it on a USB key.
 +  * Launch the installation by pluging the USB key in an open port. Start the computer and keep the Command key pressed.
 +Things that worked out of the box:
 +  * wifi
 +  * bluetooth
 +  * keyboard & trackpad
 +  * screen detection
 +Things not recognized out of the box:
 +  * webcam
 +Following these instructions got the camera working: https://github.com/patjak/facetimehd/wiki
 +Things that confuse me:
 +  * Command key on MacOS is used to do copy-paste. Ubuntu uses the Control key. Need to see if I can get used to or do some remapping.
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