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 +====== Armenian Nutmeg Cake ======
 +Recipe shared by Flick Ruby
 +==== Ingredients: ====
 +  * 1 ½ cups soft brown sugar
 +  * 2 cups SR flour (or SR gluten free flour)
 +  * 125gm butter
 +  * 1 cup milk
 +  * 1 teaspoon baking soda
 +  * 1 egg
 +  * 1 teaspoon grated nutmeg
 +  * Generous handful of walnuts
 +==== Tools: ====
 +  * Small 20cm springform cake tin
 +==== Build: ====
 +Combine sugar and flour in a large bowl.\\
 +Rub in the butter until like breadcrumbs.\\
 +Grease the cake tin with butter.\\
 +Spread ½ of the mixture evenly over the base of the cake tin.\\
 +Stir the soda into the milk, add beaten egg and nutmeg. Mix well.\\
 +Pour onto the other ½ of flour mixture left in bowl and mix well.\\
 +Pour this mixture over the base in the cake tin.\\
 +Sprinkle with chopped walnuts.\\
 +Bake 170 degrees about 50mins to1 hour until mixture is browned and springs back to the touch.\\
 +Cool, remove sides of tin, tip onto 1 plate, take off tin base and turn onto another plate so walnuts are on top.\\
 +==== Serve: ====
 +Delicious with tea or coffee
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