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 ===== Installing ikiwiki ===== ===== Installing ikiwiki =====
-  * Install ​Git +Install ​git and dev tools. 
-  * Install Make +<​code>​ 
-  * <del><code=bash>​$: ​cpan</​code>​</​del>​ +$: sudo pacman -Syu git base-devel 
-  * Use Pacman with this[[https://​aur.archlinux.org/​packages/​ikiwiki/​| Aur package]]+</​code>​
 +Install [[https://​aur.archlinux.org/​packages/​ikiwiki/​| ikiwiki from Aur package]]. ​
 +You'll need 2 extra dependencies from Aur: 
 +  * [[https://​aur.archlinux.org/​packages/​perl-cgi-formbuilder/​ | perl-cgi-formbuilder]]
 +  * [[https://​aur.archlinux.org/​packages/​perl-rpc-xml/​ | perl-rpc-xml]]. ​
 +Install those first. Compiling ikiwiki takes a while on a Raspberry Pi. Be patient.
 +If you want to have images handle by the wiki, you will need also Imagemagick ​
 +Although ikiwiki could be running from any server, I found it easier to run it behind Apache. So be sure to have that installed.
 +Create an unprivileged user (here called wiki) who will be editing the wiki:
 +sudo useradd -m wiki
 +sudo passwd wiki
 +Following https://​www.linode.com/​docs/​websites/​wikis/​ikiwiki-on-arch-linux/​
 ===== Resizing a partition ===== ===== Resizing a partition =====